ASDA Groceries Online

  • There are several ways you can shop online for ASDA Groceries… it’s up to you.

     Just like visiting an ASDA supermarket, visit the asdagroceries online store (which is divided into aisles, sections and shelves)  Select the items you are looking for by adding them to your basket, then select a delivery slot, pay for your order and enjoy having them all home delivered to your door at time that’s convenient to you.  It’s that easy!


    Steps to grocery shopping with ASDA on line:

    To select products directly from the store, click on ‘The Store’ button and decide where you want to go to on the panel on the left of the screen by:

    • First, choosing an aisle (e.g. ‘Fruit and Vegetables’)
    • Second, choosing a section (e.g. ‘Apples and Pears’)
    • Third, choosing a shelf (e.g. ‘Apples’)

    You will be shown all the products currently available on the shelf.

    To add an item to your trolley from a shelf, click the ‘add’ button. The product will automatically appear in your shopping trolley on the right of the screen.


    If you know exactly what you’re looking for and can’t find an item, go to the search box and just type in the name of the product or the type of food, eg. tomato soup, apples etc.

    My Favourites
    ASDA have several ways to help make your online shopping experience even quicker, after you’ve completed your first order. These can be found by clicking the ‘My Favourites’ tab.

    Previous orders
    This lists all the items you’ve bought on your last three visits to our online store. Simply add items to your basket one-at-a-time by clicking the ‘add’ button next to each item.

    ASDA, the UK’s second largest supermarket, offers a wide range of products and services including: Groceries, Mobile Phones, CDs, DVDs, Games, Electricals, Contact Lenses, Flowers, ASDA Finance

    Britain's lowest priced supermarket Award. 12 years running. The Grocer. We've won again! Source: The Grocer 33 Pricing Survey 2008/2009

    Shopping Lists
    To help make your online shopping for asdagroceries even easier in the future, you can create personal shopping lists that contain the items you buy on a regular basis. For example, you could create a shopping list for a weekly/monthly shop, or a list for the kids’ birthday parties, cleaning essentials and so on. It’s like creating a personal shelf just for you, containing your favourite items. It means you’ll be able to find these items and add them to your trolley very quickly, every time you shop!

    You can either create a new shopping list by selecting products from the aisles and shelves, or from the shopping trolley.

    While browsing the shelves, simply select the items you want to add to your list by ticking the box next to the item, then click the ‘Add to list’ button. You can then choose to create a new list, or add the item to an existing list that you have already created. If you decide to create a new list, you’ll need to enter a name and a description for the list e.g. Kids’ party … All the things I need to throw a great birthday party.

    You can also add the entire contents of your trolley to a new or existing shopping list by clicking the ‘Add to list’ button at the bottom of your trolley.

    Each shopping list can contain a maximum of 100 products, and you can create up to 10 shopping lists.

    Quick Start Shopping
    After you’ve registered, you can enter a few details from an ASDA till receipt. The day after, the products from your receipt will be stored in your Favourites list. Not all the products from our stores are available from this site, but ASDA are adding to our online range all the time.

    Changing quantities
    To change the quantity of a product, click the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols next to the quantity box, or just type the new quantity straight into the quantity box.

    If you want to delete an item in your Shopping Trolley, click the ‘x’ button next to the item or use the ‘-’ symbol to reduce the quantity to zero.

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